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  • In this modern and globalised era, women have become successful at carving a pretty niche for themselves in the business arena, propelling the economy whilst shaping the society. The fairer gender of today is a force to be reckoned with, each sharing a common goal in their pursuit for success, spelled in three words - ‘One Woman Can’.

    For the empowered individuals at an established International cosmetic organisation in Malaysia, success is embodied in a shade, for them the colour of success is painted pink.

    An Empowering Shade

    Feminine and beautiful! These are the words of visionary entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash. As the founder of Mary Kay International, Mary Kay became a game changer in the challenging beauty industry, and in doing so helped millions of women across the globe find their true potential.

  • Independent Exec. Senior Sales Director MARY KAY (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.

    Find ways and not excuses,” a sound advice imparted by Robihah Othman, an Independent Executive Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay who had fought against all odds to make it big in life.

    Beneath that calm and resolute demeanor, is a person with a will of an iron! She was the pillar of strength for her husband who in return was hers in times of hardship.

    “My husband lost his business in the 1997 recession, shortly after I was retrenched, and life’s beating just seemed relentless,” she said. But it was during those difficult moments that she knew the old adage rings true, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’, and so her journey with Mary Kay began.

  • “With courage and an unwavering support from my family, I took on the role of venturing into the beauty industry to provide a better life for my loved ones,” she says. Now with 13 years of experience in the business, this Independent Executive Senior Sales Director explains why she loves every moment of her job.

    “My life is all about my family. My job as an independent sales entrepreneur has given me the freedom to work at my own pace, which allows me to spend quality time with my kids. Plus I cherish the opportunity to be able work with my husband who is my co-partner. Together we make a heroic team helping women look beautiful, confident and paving a rosy path of possibilities,” she explains.

    All the effort has been paid off in the form of 2 Pink Altis cars, luxury annual trips with her husband, and the list goes on. “Driving around in my Pink Altis turns heads on the road which makes me proud as it’s the symbol of my success that I will continue to flaunt proudly all through my journey.”

  • Independent Exec. Senior Sales Director MARY KAY (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.

    Meeting Janice will instantly brighten your day. Her polished look, sunny disposition and positive outlook on life was the product of waking up one fateful day and coming into terms with herself that, beauty, femininity and personal success does not end with marriage.

    Janice shares her experiences during the time where she let herself go and lost her individuality in the process.

    “I was a clerk in my husband’s firm, interaction was limited in my line of work, plus the same routine led to boredom, that saw my self-confidence and enthusiasm take a nosedive … eventually I lost interest in taking care of my appearance,” she says.

  • “I love meeting people and wanted a career that allows my potential to shine, so when the opportunity came in a form of a cosmetic box, I took it and never looked back since.”

    She spent the last eight years painting the town pink and blossomed into a successful Independent Executive Senior Sales Director. “I enjoy the satisfaction of making women look beautiful and feel fabulous. I get to travel, make new friends and create a difference in their lives which in return rewards me with financial stability, and a sense of fulfillment in life.”

    Janice, who was awarded with 2 Pink Altis cars for her dedication and sheer hard work, travels nationwide in her reliable companion that has never failed her once, thanks to her diligence of servicing the cars regularly, and on time.

    “Having triumphed over my struggles to become an independent entrepreneur, I now breathe the air of success and freedom. Hence, I reach out to women out there to always look good, and feel good by helping them develop their potential whilst looking rosy.”

    As she enjoys her life to the fullest, Janice has a piece of advice to all women out there, “listen to your inner voice, follow your heart and don’t hesitate to pursue what you’ve always wanted.”

  • Independent Exec. Senior Sales Director MARY KAY (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.

    Despite holding a well-paid job as an Operations Manager in a leading local bank, Nafisah Omar thought the time has come to be bold and take on something entirely different and big.

    She threw in the towel after serving 15 great years in the financial industry and took a risk (calculated one of course) of venturing into the subject she loves dearly – beauty.

    “Taking the risk to do something you love does pay off,” says Nafisah who first started off as a part timer and went ahead full swing into the beauty business as it allowed her to achieve her goals in life.

  • “With just five years into the business, I’ve earned luxury annual trips abroad with my husband for 3 years consecutively. I feel empowered running an independent business that has given me unlimited financial rewards plus the flexibility of managing my time.”

    For that she is thankful to the ambitious streak in her of being open to change and new experiences that has landed her such tremendous success as an Independent Executive Senior Sales Director. Her drive to reach the top rung of the business ladder has won her a Pink Altis that will continue to motivate her further to conquer new goals.

    Nafisah calls on women to believe in their abilities to seek out fresh opportunities and seize them but most of all take risks.

    Armed with a go-getter spirit and a charming smile, she is well on her way to inspire women from all walks of life to embrace their feminine power, “let your inner and outer beauty shine,” she says.

  • these women are living proof that hope, courage, determination, persistence and enthusiasm are the fundamental keys to emerge victorious. We hope their success stories will inspire you to achieve your dreams. After all, they have shown that nothing can break your stride if you keep moving forward.

  • Pink was our founder, Mary Kay
    Ash’s favourite colour as it represents femininity and beauty.”

    Marina explains that as one of the most popular colour schemes in their products, the distinct shade of pink came to embody their success and so naturally became the corporate colour.

    “It is seen as a mark of achievement, recognition and success for our independent sales consultants" she says "for their commitment, hard work and accomplishments; they are rewarded with a Mary Kay Career Car - a pink Toyota Altis. It is our way to make achievers feel important in-line with Mary Kay’s values of enriching women’s lives.”

  • With over a decade in the beauty industry, success to Marina is built upon determination and perseverance, which comes easy by simply dropping the four letter word … F-E-A-R. “Fear of rejection is the only factor that stands between you and success,” she says.

    By overcoming the fear factor, it opens a path to discover one’s full potential and the opportunities that lie ahead. Easier said than done but according to Marina, it is simple, just stay true to yourself and know your values, identity and ability.

  • At the end of the interview these women gave their own interpretation to a relatively interesting question.


    “inner beauty, confidence, and pursuing their dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem.”


    “great personality, charisma and a well-balanced lifestyle!”


    “inner impression and outer expression.”


    “a woman who is passionate in what she does to become successful.”