About Tribe Toyota

Tribe Toyota is the official Toyota community catered to Toyota owners across Malaysia. It began out of the legacy of the Funser club, a lifestyle club catered to Unser owners that has since expanded to accommodate all Toyota vehicle owners. Our goal is to build a close-knit community where Toyota owners can make friends and share in fun lifestyle activities with other like-minded Toyota owners.
Why “Tribe”?
A tribe is defined as a kinship-based group. The word “tribe” carries a strong message of unity and integration. Our new logo reflects this belief through the connection between the "r" and the "i", which depicts the partnership between Toyota and our customers.
Moving Forward as One Community
As technology brings us closer, we want the new Tribe Toyota to be a place where Toyota owners and Toyota can better support each other. A platform geared towards open dialogue and better understanding. A place where relationships are built.

By merging Tribe Toyota with Toyota Owner's Journal (TOJ), Toyota owners can now manage vehicle records and share ownership experiences on a single portal. If you’re a current Tribe Toyota/TOJ member, you may access the new site with your existing username and password.

Join in on the Action!
If you're a Toyota owner, we welcome you to join the Tribe family. Membership is open to all private individual Toyota owners. To find out if you're eligible, please refer to our FAQ.

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