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Our Road Survival Skills workshop was held in Alor Setar on 23 July 2011 at Star City Hotel, and it was certainly a day to remember for all parties. It was the first time that the popular workshop was organised in the state of Kedah. It also went down in Tribe Toyota's history as the workshop with the highest attendance, ever!

Over 100 participants flocked to Star City Hotel early in the morning, eager to learn more about road safety, survival skills and personal security from the famed Captain K. Bala. The enthusiastic attendance can be credited to the hard work of the folks at our Alor Setar Sales Centre, who recommended the workshop to all their customers.

And as you can tell from our testimonials, the event exceeded the expectations of the participants. Have a look at what went on at the workshop with our visual timeline, and check out the feedback for yourself with our videos.

A fiery start to the workshop!
  • Participants registering their
    attendance at the start of the day.
    Breakfast was provided as well.
  • Captain Bala with a volunteer from
    the floor.
  • A RSS workshop is always
    informative and entertaining!
  • Participants get up close and
    personal with the day's tools.
  • Alor Setar's crowd gives a
    thumbs-up to Road Survival Skills!
  • Participants mingle with each other
    over a buffet lunch after the workshop.
When driving to the nearest stop with a smashed windscreen, be sure to protect yourself from shards of glass with a T-shirt. Always have one in your car!

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Everybody should attend this training. I thought it was another one of those road safety workshops but I found it very informative. There are a lot of things Captain Bala talked about like road bullies and how to handle emergency situations. I don’t mind attending again.
Kartar (Tari) Singh, Manager of Customer Service Operations
A very good seminar, very informative! I've been driving for over 20 years and there were so many things I learnt that were new
to me. Best thing about Captain Bala's presentation is that he talks through his
own experiences.
Nordin, Senior Manager of Tradewinds
Plantation Bhd.

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Workshop is interesting, useful and practical. We always think accidents won't happen to us but who knows? If we face such a situation, the tips given today will be useful.
Thomas Chua, guest of Mr. Chin Sin Wah
(Toyota owner)

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