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The one essential force that brings people from all walks of life together is food!

And evidently, Tribers together with the public had a taste of this universal experience, enjoying a comforting encounter with their stomach during the recently held Toyota Amazing Trails of the food Snapper challenge.

Tastefully organised by Toyota from Jan to April 2014, this thrilling event rewarded Tribers with RM 10, 000 in cash and great prizes, all for the love of food. Separated into three contests namely, ‘See Food and Count', ‘Eat Food and Snap' and ‘Make Food and Share' these weekly challenges certainly enticed food lover's creativity...photoliciously.

Ms Yee bagged the Special Grand Prize of RM3,000 plus a unit of Panasonic Lumix (GM-1) camera for capturing the most delicious photo ever, and it's none other than a bowl of Ice Kacang.